refrigerated vans from novotruck®

refrigerated vans from novotruck®

Vehicle insulation is now called performance van - this is best described as the incredible technology with which we set standards. Transporting temperature-controlled goods has never been so easy and never before have you been able to transport products safely.

We have been working on our Vision 20 20 since 2016. However, 20 20 does not stand for the year in which we launch a new vehicle variant on the market. Rather, the point is that we can achieve a temperature of -20 ° within 20 minutes in the vehicle. After extensive testing at our major European customers, we can say that our vision has become a reality.

All vehicle insulation is made from a high-density and high-strength insulation. With a 20% use of recycled material, an absolute quality product is created on a completely automated line, in a quality that is always reproducible. The unbelievable thing about this is that every vehicle has at least an ATP-A test in the minimum and, as an option, also has the ATP-C version.

The stainless steel bumpers, the rounded edges, the use of the very best of materials as well as the splash-proof LED interior lighting allow for easy and hygienic cleaning, especially with the high-pressure cleaner. Of course, we offer optional extras for various industries ex works for your personal performance van

The anti-slip coating for the floor protects your precious cargo and also ensures even ride characteristics of your transporter in special driving situations. The cleaning is particularly easy from the hand, since you do not have to take any "anti-slip mats" out of the car and consuming from both sides clean and dry. The slip resistance of the floor of your performance van is as standard according to the UVV and just as durable as you expect. 

A shelving system may be the perfect complement to your transportation task and it is and 100% compatible with your performance van. The design and quality is as you know and expect from us - 100% CNC designed and manufactured. Of course we can do that again later - if you need additional shelves.

Load securing is not only an important point for the driving dynamics and safety of your refrigerated van with the ingenious performance van - vehicle insulation but an integral aspect of its safety equipment, if you wish. With our combination of airline rail, in any height on the side walls and our ingenious clamping bars with bayonet locking, we load securing a breeze. 

Control is everything - you have your performance van - refrigerated van under control. With the standard operating device of the refrigeration system you always have a view of the selected and the actual temperature in the hold. With a factory-ready and calibrated temperature recorder, you also record temperatures at different points or other relevant data. Everything is under control!

Our performance van - vehicle insulation is already fully optimized for the existing and upcoming requirements of electric vehicles. Not only that we significantly and sustainably reduce the environmental impact of the entire vehicle over the lifetime through increasing proportions of recycled building materials, we also significantly reduce the energy requirements of the refrigeration systems due to the high efficiency of the insulation performance. For electrically operated vehicles, we already offer refrigeration systems with memory based on PCM (Phase Change Materials).

Niveau is in demand - ideally, the same as the loading height your performance van. That's why it makes sense for vans to use an appropriate tail lift and lift your goods to the right height. In order to continue to be able to load and unload small things without moving the tail lift, it is only behind one door when it is not needed. Thus the access to the performance van over the other door is always preserved.

Our flexible and soft novotruck partition-wall-system - another ingenious extras for your performance van. This separates the cargo space into two separate areas, which of course also provide very different temperatures for optimum protection of the goods. Thus, the performance van offers you the opportunity, for example, to drive fresh goods at + 2- + 5 ° and frozen goods at -20 ° in the same vehicle.

Special Materials. The high-density insulation, the high-quality components from our own production that exactly match the base vehicle, the high proportion of recycled material and the unique, completely wear-free and indestructible surface. This is exactly the basis of every performance van. A superb new white/grey finish made possible by a process on computer controlled machines. Precisely manufactured stainless steel frames protect the floor from damage. The surface of a piece - a new definition of water and dirt protection.

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