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Superior product quality

novotruck refrigerated box bodies and vehicles stand out in the industry for their superior design and quality. Our products are known for their durability even under extreme conditions.

The use of high quality materials and innovative technology ensures that novotruck vehicles, box bodies and vehicle insulation systems

  • are made to last, thus giving our customers good value for money on their investmen

  • include refrigerated box bodies which can be fitted to second or even third chassis

  • are made to withstand extreme and intensive use over many years

  • are highly reliable and require a minimum of service and maintenance, thus reducing downtimes considerably

  • fetch high resale prices throughout

  • help reduce operational and environmental costs due to high-quality materials and long operating life

  • and last, but certainly not least, win over customers by sustainability.


Special configurations

We supply tailor-made transport solutions to our customers’ specifications.

  • Based on our comprehensive technical experience and knowledge we are in a position to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions best suited to their individual operational needs.

  • The durability and safety of our high-performance vehicles warrants that they can perform any transport task economically and efficiently for a very long time.

  • At novotruck, we are committed to sharing our ideas about quality and profitability in a personal consultation and to make every sale a success for both our customers and ourselves. Even in its early stages of development, each and every product bears the signatures of our customers’ requirements and objectives as well as novotruck’s technical innovation, making sure that we produce a vehicle that based on its design and development meets all specifications.


How can you profit from doing business with novotruck?

  • novotruck® customers can expect to receive full support and counselling suited to their needs in order to achieve tailor-made transport solutions.

  • Each vehicle, each refrigerated box body and van insulation will be designed and produced to our customers’ specifications, making every conceivable configuration possible.

  • We take the time to take a closer look at our customers’ requirements and options in order to optimize productivity and profitability of their fleets.

  • The new novotruck vehicle offers flexible systems and procedures which will be a key element in improving your delivery capability, thus enabling you to provide a better and more cost-efficient response to your customers’ needs.

  • Our ability to process orders of any kind and size with optimal efficiency has been instrumental in achieving novotruck´s excellent market position which is also reflected in our long-standing partnerships with the leading fleet operators in Germany and Europe.

  • Our unmatched warranty conditions are evidence of the confidence we have in the quality of our products.


One-stop vehicle management

With novotruck vehicles, refrigerated box bodies or insulation, you will profit from purchasing the complete product from one supplier only. Novotruck will also handle all future tasks connected with vehicle operation - including taking back your used units. This makes novotruck your universal mobility service provider enabling you to stay focused on your business and customer relations.

Our unique vehicle management and the fact that all our components are built in-house means that we check the quality of our products at all stages of production. Therefore, we can guarantee compliance with our high standards at all levels which is the best basis for the durability and, by extension, sustainability of our produc




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