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how you can work with us perfectly digitally.

Information sheet on the electronic transmission of invoices or credit notes to novotruck GmbH and its companies.

Please note the following information on the electronic transmission of invoices/credit notes:


  • Choose only one shipping method. If you use electronic transmission,

       There is no need for paper shipping. Please never use both shipping methods in parallel,


  • Only one invoice PDF file per email. The electronic transmission takes place in form

            a PDF file as an email attachment. Please message us for any invoice or credit note.

            a separate email with a PDF file.


  • Default for the PDF file name. When sending an invoice/credit note

       as a PDF file per email without invoice attachments is the file name of the invoice PDF

       File freely selectable. Send both an invoice and an invoice in one email

       associated attachment, then the following should be noted for the file names:

       Invoice: INV_ (invoices must always begin with INV_)

       Attachments: ATT_ (Attachments must always begin with ATT_)


  • Subject line of the email for invoices/credit notes. The subject of your email is subject

           no special requirements. The text can be freely selected here.


  • No inquiries or other documents to this email address. It is about

           the “” address for a mailbox for the automated processing of invoices

           and credits. No documents (e.g. reminders,

           Payment statements, correspondence, etc.) can be sent


  • The subject or text content of the email will not be read due to automated processing.


  • Please make sure you use the correct “accounts” address. For electronic transmission

           For invoices and credit notes to novotruck GmbH, please send your PDF files to the following email address:




If you have any questions, please send an email to dialog(at)novotruck(dot)eu or call us
on +49 54 24 / 2070490.



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